Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Painting & Welding Courses: December 1 and 2

Join The Northwest Center for Occupational Health & Safety's Continuing Ed Painting and Welding Courses being offered December 1st and 2nd at South Seattle Community College's Georgetown campus.

December 1 - A Base Coat of Painting Hazards: What Every Painter Should Know

Course Objectives
* Name three or more common components
of paints and coatings
* Describe why the common components
are in the paints and coatings
* Discuss the hazards associated with the
common components of paints and coatings
* List measures to control the hazards of
paints and coatings
* State how to chose paints and coatings
that are safe for painters and for the
* Outline how to safely dispose of paint and
coating waste.

Course Director
Jay Herzmark, CIH, RN, Environmental Health
and Safety, University of Washington (UW)

December 2 - Your Weld as Your Signature: Advances in Research & Practice to Lay it Down Safely

Course Objectives
* Name the welding/hot work processes as-
sociated with the highest fume and
non-ionizing radiation exposures
* Discuss the health hazards associated with
exposure to welding fumes
* List and describe effective measures to
control exposures to welding fumes, noise,
and non-ionizing radiation
* Outline regulations pertaining to welding
health and safety exposures

Course Director
Annie Bruck, MN, RN, COHN-S.
Assistant Director, Continuing Education,
Northwest Center for Occupational Health
and Safety, DEOHS, UW

Who Should Attend?
Industrial hygienists, safety professionals,
safety committee members, and risk managers.

Professional credit will be available for safety
and environmental health professionals and
industrial hygienists.

South Seattle Community College
Georgetown Campus
Building E-Department of Finishing Trades
6737 Corson Ave South, Seattle, WA 98108
directions to SCCC - Georgetown

Northwest Center for Occupational Health and Safety
Phone: 206-543-1069 or 800-326-7568
Fax: 206-685-3872
E-mail: ce@u.washington.edu
more information, course schedule and registration form is available here.

$150 on or before November 19, 2010
$175 after November 19, 2010

$150 on or before November 19, 2010
$175 after November 19, 2010

$250 on or before November 19, 2010
$275 after November 19, 2010

Tuition includes course handouts, lunch, and beverage breaks.
We accept checks or Visa/MasterCard.

Advance registration is required and accepted in the order
received. To save a place, register on-line, by phone or fax,
or mail a copy of the registration form to us and to your
accounting office.

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