Monday, March 16, 2015

The Nexus of Toxicology and Chemistry | Workshop | April 23-24, 2015

Recognized leaders in chemistry, toxicology, ecotoxicology and other disciplines will guide participants through a  two-day course April 23-24 to advance understanding of safer chemical design and formulation.

This workshop will be hosted by Northwest Green Chemistry, a nonprofit dedicated to advancing green chemistry and green engineering in the Pacific Northwest region, and the Molecular Design Research Network, a multidisciplinary effort led by scientists at Yale University, Baylor University, George Washington and the University of Washington that is focused on the rational design of chemicals and materials to reduce toxicity.

“There are tremendous advances taking place in our ability to use toxicology to guide the development of safer chemicals,” said Ken Zarker, executive director of Northwest Green Chemistry. “This workshop will offer professionals working in chemical design and chemicals management the latest research and tools to succeed in this emerging field.”

The goal of this work is to create safer, cleaner, better building blocks for future products, so that we are not left with toxic cleanups decades from now, explained Terrance Kavanagh, professor of environmental and occupational health sciences at the University of Washington School of Public Health.  However, because there is little toxicity data available for many chemicals, identifying safer materials is challenging.

The workshop is intended for toxicologists, environmental scientists, chemical and product designers, chemists, chemical engineers, and other professionals engaged in the decision-making process of using existing chemicals or creating new ones. Participants will discuss cutting-edge science and practical strategies for designing safer chemicals.

The event will be held at McMenamins Edgefield in Troutdale, Ore. Early bird registration for the two day workshop costs $125 through March 15. After March 15th the registration fee will be $195.  Online registration is at A flyer with additional information can be found at

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Lunch Forum at Boise State on the Future of Occupational Health - Feb. 11th, 2015

Boise State University, Idaho

Feb. 11th 2015, 11AM - 1PM

BOISE STATE Student Union, Hatch A Ballroom 

Dale Stephenson, Boise State University  
Janice Camp & Nancy Simcox, University of Washington

The Future of Occupational Health: Policy, Research, and Practice

The Department of Environmental & Occupational Health Sciences at University of Washington is embarking on a project to define what the Future of Occupational Health may look like from research, training, and policy/management perspectives. This discussion will provide an overview of this project that consists of two components: an invited speaker series, and a cumulative symposium, to be held June 25-25, 2015 in Seattle.

Emerging Technologies and “Green” Production

Innovation and discovery are important drivers of economic activity. However, the impact of new products and production methods also affect the workforce.  New materials such as engineered nanomaterials and materials developed for their positive environmental (green) qualities may be put into production and products without adequate knowledge of health impacts. This discussion will focus on how can we anticipate and control health impacts on the workforce involved in such systems.




Questions? Call: (208)426-3795

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

DEOHS Continuing Education Announcement

2014 Webinar Series

Hazardous Materials Requirements
of the International Codes
for Fire Marshals, Plan Reviewers and Inspectors

Fire, building, mechanical, and electrical codes provide minimum life safety requirements. For buildings with hazardous materials, these codes are comprehensive and complicated and require specific technical training for successful implementation. The purpose of this series of webinars is to help prepare code professionals to review plans and inspect facilities for compliance with the hazardous materials provisions of the fire, building, mechanical, and electrical codes.


This webinar series includes 10 sessions. The first hour, “Boot Camp,” is designed for new inspectors, fire marshals, and plan reviewers to help them understand items such as the Hazardous Materials Inventory Statement (HMIS), spill control and secondary containment, exhaust ventilation, and electrical classification of hazardous locations. The second hour, “Special Topics,” is designed for experienced professionals covering requirements for industrial ovens, ammonia refrigeration, and other equipment and processes. Specific topics for each series are listed below. Participants may register for either or both series.


Date Boot Camp Topics (9:00 am) Special Topics (10:10 am)
1/16 Development of the I-Codes High Pile Storage
3/6 HMIS Hot Work
3/20 H-Occupancies Industrial Ovens
4/17 Separation and Containment Ammonia Refrigeration
5/15 Exhaust Ventilation Pressure Relief Devices
6/19 Electrical for a Hazardous Location Motor Fuel Dispensing
9/18 Tanks and Pipes Stationary Battery Systems
10/16 Flammable and Combustible Liquids LPG and Hydrogen
11/20 Chemical Storage in Group M-Occupancies Compressed Gas, Dental Gas and Dry Cleaners
12/18 Means of Egress New Topic - TBD


Mr. Will Winslow is a Certified Industrial Hygienist and a Certified Fire and Mechanical Code Inspector with 25 years’ experience in plan review and code enforcement. Mr. Winslow is a Professional Member of the ICC, and served on the ICC Fire Code Committee. Mr. Winslow is a past National Codes Director for the Washington State Association of Fire Marshals. He has presented seminars covering the hazardous materials requirements of the fire, building, mechanical and electrical codes since 1990.


Click the button below or call the DEOHS Continuing Education Programs at 206-523-1069 to register.  Deadline to register is January 12, 2014.

Price per login computer (no restrictions on number of attendees at each computer):

Boot Camp: $600

Special Topics: $600

Special Package Price!
Boot Camp + Special Topics: $1,000


This offering may qualify for International Code Council (ICC) continuing education units (CEUs) to maintain ICC certification. Please contact your local ICC Chapter or visit the ICC website at for more information.

Photo: Oliver Sved/istock/ 
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