Wednesday, October 7, 2009

NOHC Travel Scholarship Winners

Winners the 2009 PNAISH NOHC Travel Scholarships. Left to right: June Spector (UW), Serena Siow (UBC), Jeanne Spears (UW), Diana Ceballos (UW), Mussarat Nahid (UBC).

Ceballos, D. Developing best glove practices for car painters.

Nahid, M. Occupational noise induced hearing loss and engineered noise control: knowledge and perception in the food products manufacturing insustry in British Columbia (S. Kennedy, A. Nicol, T. Knight, H. Davies).

Sears. J. Nurse practitioners as attending providers for injured workers: evaluating the effect of role expansion on disability and costs. (T. M. Wickizer, G. M. Franklin, A. D. Cheadle, B. B. Berkowitz).

Siow, S. Targeting prevention programs for young and new healthcare workers: what is the association of age and job tenure with occupational injury in healthcare? (J. Guzman).

Spector, J. Associations of blood lead with glomerular filtration rate estimated with serum creatinine and cystatin C-based equations (V. Weaver).

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