Tuesday, March 22, 2016

New Frontiers in Construction

Since ​2011, ​The ​University ​of ​Washington’s ​Center ​for ​Education ​and ​Research ​in ​Construction ​(CERC) ​has ​created ​a ​venue ​to ​highlight ​research ​and ​its ​relevance ​for ​pressing ​issues ​facing ​the ​Construction ​industry through the New Frontiers in Construction Conference. CERC ​and ​their partners demonstrate ​the ​application ​and ​benefits ​of ​applied ​research, ​and participants ​receive ​timely ​information ​that ​can ​be ​put ​into ​practice ​right ​when ​they ​return ​to ​the ​office.

This year's event, held on March 4, 2016, drew a large crowd all interested in learning about innovative research that can increase safety, health, and productivity for the construction industry. Topics this year included:

• ​Safety ​& ​Health, specifically exposure, on construction sites - presented by the Northwest Center for Occupational Health and Safety

• ​Project ​Delivery ​& ​Management 

• ​ ​Virtual ​Design ​& ​Construction​ (i.e., ​Asset ​information ​exchange, ​BIM ​in ​Operations, ​BIM ​for ​Design ​and ​Construction ​of ​Data ​Centers) 

• ​ ​Lean ​Construction ​(i.e. ​Integrated ​Project ​Delivery, ​Contracting ​for ​Lean ​Delivery, ​and ​agent-based ​modeling) 

• ​ ​Sustainability ​in ​Construction ​

• ​ ​Infrastructure ​Development ​

Chris Mak, a Northwest Center ERC Trainee, presented during the poster session at the conference. Chris is pursing an MS in the new Construction Management Occupational Safety and Health (CMOSH) program. CMOSH is an exciting new track within the Master of Sciences in Construction Management degree program at UW. The track aims to produce future construction leaders who will have the knowledge and skills to integrate project management and occupational health and safety for true project success. Learn more about the CMOSH program, and other ERC programs here.

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